25 November 2020 Indonesia: Boost from nickel boom
24 November 2020 Singapore: 3Q20 GDP improving amid uneven recovery
18 November 2020 Singapore - Unexpected dip in non-oil domestic exports
4 November 2020 Singapore: Oct PMI points to better 4Q20 outlook
2 November 2020 Record US 3Q GDP bounce belies difficult outlook
27 October 2020 Singapore: Lift for 3Q20 outlook from strong manufacturing
20 October 2020 China: Recovery intact despite below-consensus 3Q GDP
15 October 2020 Singapore: 3Q20 GDP disappoints estimates
8 October 2020 FOMC: Lack of fiscal stimulus will set back US recovery
5 October 2020 Singapore: Upbeat manufacturing PMI reading
29 September 2020 Singapore: Deflationary pressures to likely stretch into 4Q20
17 September 2020 Fed pledge 'durable' guidance and hold rates at least 3 years
15 September 2020 China: Robust August data points to stronger 3Q growth
8 September 2020 Singapore: A Brighter 2021 after GDP contraction in 2020
28 August 2020 Breaking Fed - Not by inflation alone
26 August 2020 Singapore: Industrial output falters at start of 3Q20
20 August 2020 July Fed minutes point to disappointing outlook and guidance
17 August 2020 Singapore: Pump-up support for jobs and growth
11 August 2020 Singapore: Full-year GDP forecast revised on final 2Q20 data
5 August 2020 US Outlook: Worst may be over, but recovery far from certain
30 July 2020 Fed keeps foot on pedal to ensure US recovery
15 July 2020 Unprecedented dip in GDP but is the worst over
11 June 2020 US Fed keeps rates unchanged and QE unlimited tools intact
27 May 2020 Fortitude Budget: Save and create jobs, be post Covid-19 ready
23 April 2020 Extension of circuit breaker could worsen contraction
21 April 2020 US oil price turned negative as demand keeps shrinking
7 April 2020 Update: Singapore's economic outlook for 2020
27 March 2020 A landmark Resilience Budget to combat COVID-19
25 March 2020 Fed turns on unlimited tap with stimulus to follow
17 March 2020 Odds of second-half recovery delayed
13 March 2020 Volatility will ease when recovery measures are in place
10 March 2020 Recovery mode after the Wall Street carnage?
9 March 2020 Crude oil prices collapse after shock failure of OPEC+ pact
4 March 2020 Is the US Fed Monetary Policy the only game in town?
26 February 2020 Spread of Covid-19 sparks fear of global pandemic and spooks markets
6 February 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak market update: Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better
29 January 2020 Keep calm and carry on amid Wuhan virus fears


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