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United Global Quality Growth Fund

Invest in quality companies that consistently generate strong financial returns over consecutive years.


Local expertise. Regional perspective.

Navigating Asia’s diverse investment landscape from 9 Asian countries.


UOBAM Ping An ChiNext ETF

Diversify your portfolio with the fast-growing enterprises of the ChiNext Index.


Investing for myself


At UOB Asset Management, we understand the importance of planning ahead and investing for the future. Be it for a holiday, a dream home or for retirement, let UOBAM Invest, our digital investment platform for individuals, help you achieve your financial goals.


UOBAM Invest Digital Adviser

Invest with ease with your personal robo-adviser at your fingertips


Digital Adviser Performance

See the latest performance of our robo-adviser for individuals


Discover your investor persona

The daily choices we make reflect our personalities.


Invest for businesses & institutions


We offer a wide range of investment solutions for businesses, from bespoke mandates to robo-advisory. We are committed to helping you achieve your corporate financial goals. Let us be part of your corporate investing journey.


Investing Solutions for Businesses

Find out how you can achieve your corporate financial goals with our investment capabilities


UOBAM Invest for Corporates

Go digital with your investments. Tap on our robo-adviser for corporates or choose your own funds.


Digital Adviser Performance

See the latest performance of our robo-adviser for corporates


Exploring for partnership


We work with various partners to offer our investment products and services innovatively and with greater accessibility.


UOBAM Robo-Invest

Invest simply and sustainably with the first robo-advisory service available on a mobile wallet.


BizCare by UOI

UOBAM partners United Overseas Insurance (UOI) to offer value-added services to businesses.


Bix by Income

UOBAM is Income's first partner onboard BIX, Income's corporate insurance self-serve platform.


Dash PET by Etiqa Insurance

UOBAM partners Etiqa Insurance to offer a portfolio of our funds complemented with insurance coverage for Dash PET Plus.


Funds in Focus


We offer a wide range of funds for your diverse investment needs to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.


Investing for Generations


With more than 30 years of investing experience in more than 9 countries in Asia, we are committed to investing for the long-term.



We believe in investing for both profit and purpose. Find out more about our sustainable investing practices and solutions.


A proven track record

UOBAM is one of the most awarded fund managers in Asia. Check out our list of awards and accolades.


Our vision and purpose

Our commitment to investing excellence

Latest Insights

Research Note | China’s higher policy momentum is paying off

China’s policy relaxations are still modest, but the pace has picked up. As a result, China’s economic slowdown appears to be bottoming.
20 Sep 2023
4 mins read

Investment perspective | Which style to choose: Growth, value or quality?

Growth, value, and quality investment styles are often pitted against each other, but all three are valid, depending on your ability to withstand volatility and time horizon.
15 Sep 2023
4 mins read

Research Note | More signs of US-China decoupling

Although US-China relations are cooling, their inter-dependency is not easy to unwind. Investment exposure to both markets is now more important than ever.
13 Sep 2023
4 mins read
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