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Meeting each client's unique needs is at the heart of what we do. Our institutional team specialises in solutions to meet the investment needs for every business. Be it investing for liquidity or for growth, or looking to invest sustainability for profit and purpose, with our wealth of experience in Asia and our diversified portfolios, we have the expertise to provide investment advisory and solutions that suit your business.

Our approach

We listen

We listen
Each and every business has different investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. We listen you to understand your unique business and investment needs.


We customise

We customise
Based on your investment needs, we tailor solutions to help you achieve your goals.


We monitor & manage

We monitor & manage
Your portfolio is monitored by our team of experienced investment experts who will manage them to best help you to achieve your investment goals.


We consult

We consult
Investment is a journey and we understand that your investment goals may change depending on your business objectives. Speak with us to find the best investment solution for your business’ needs.


Our portfolios

Our portfolios

We offer a wide range of specialised investment services to our clients. Our solutions span across various asset classes in all geographies and sectors. You may choose different portfolios to suit your investment needs.

  • For steady and consistent returns – Absolute return portfolios
  • For risk diversification – Balanced and Multi-Asset portfolios
  • For assets to keep pace with inflation – Principal guaranteed portfolios
  • For tracking and exceeding index performance – Customised benchmarked portfolios
  • For simple, understandable investments – Fixed income portfolios
  • For short-term access liquidity needs – Money market portfolios
  • For investments that adhere to Islamic principles – Shariah compliant portfolios
  • For sustainable investing – ESG portfolios. Find out more about our sustainable investment and active ownership approach.

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We work closely with our clients to design and deliver bespoke solutions that meet their specific investment objectives and requirements.

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Invest digitally

You may choose to invest digitally via UOBAM Invest for corporates. UOBAM Invest offers a corporate robo-advisory service (Digital Advisor) as well as option to choose your own funds (Fund Direct). We also work with our clients to build custom digital investment platforms and design investment solutions to be integrated into existing digital ecosystems.

Find out more about UOBAM Invest for corporates or contact our digital team for more information

Case studies

Case Studies

We have a long history of partnering our clients and helping them ride out the market cycles to achieve their financial goals.

Learn how others have benefitted from our solutions.

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