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Our Institutional team specialises in crafting solutions to meet the various investment needs of our clients. We have a long history of partnering our clients, helping them ride out the market cycles and offer bespoke investment solutions to achieve their objectives.


Absolute Return Portfolios

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Balanced and Multi-Asset Portfolios

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Principal Guaranteed Portfolios

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The need for steady and consistent returns has become increasingly pertinent in a volatile market environment beset with geopolitical and market uncertainties. Our Absolute Return strategies aim to deliver moderate positive performance in a consistent manner regardless of market conditions, with limited consideration for relative index performance. We do this by leveraging on our capabilities as a fundamentals-driven investment manager, as well as our growing focus on quantitative strategies and applications.


To help clients achieve their investment objectives, which may include managing their cash flow needs, we customise Balanced and Multi-Asset portfolios that consist of a mix of bonds and equities. Our portfolio construction process takes into account risk budgeting and the portfolio is managed using a risk-controlled framework. Utilising risk indicators, such as value-at-risk (VaR), targeted volatility or tracking error, we determine portfolio allocation to risk assets. A dynamic rebalancing process also works to optimise asset allocation to enhance returns and achieve investment objectives.


Some of our clients require liability-matched solutions and seek to preserve the value of their assets with strict limits on drawdowns. Their investment objective is primarily for their assets to keep pace with inflation, while opportunistically participating in any market up-cycle. The Principal Guaranteed portfolio solution provides our clients with certainty on the value of their assets at the end of their investment mandate, while giving them the option to capture any upside in the financial markets.



Customised Benchmark Portfolios

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Fixed Income Portfolios

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Money Market and Liquidity Management Portfolios

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Our Customised Benchmark solutions enable clients with specific allocation principles and objectives to track and exceed index performance through investments in passive portfolios. Clients are able to capture alpha returns through our effective investment process which take into account factor investing that incorporates particular factors and styles that have shown to outperform over time.


Clients who prefer plain vanilla fixed income securities that are transparent and easy to understand have access to our suite of Fixed Income products to help them achieve their investment objectives. UOBAM’s award-winning fixed income team covers a wide spectrum of the asset class across geographies, ranging from G10 Government Securities, Global Corporate Credits, to Global Emerging Markets, Asia and Singapore Bonds.


The team has won numerous awards and accolades from the investment community, including the prestigious “Best Fixed Income Fund House” at the Morningstar Awards 2017. Our expertise in picking the appropriate securities of the right credit quality, structure and relative value gives us an edge in meeting and exceeding our clients’ portfolio needs.


Our Money Market and Liquidity Management solutions enable clients with short-term excess liquidity to put their money to work via a passively managed portfolio. The emphasis on keeping assets liquid via access to Money Market funds enables our clients to meet their liability obligations in a timely manner.



Shariah-Compliant Portfolios

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The appetite for Islamic financial products and services has grown in recent years with demand from both local and foreign investors. UOBAM is experienced in managing such Shariah-Compliant portfolios and can provide clients with investment solutions with financial products and services that adhere to Islamic principles.