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  1. Benefits of Internet Banking

    What is Internet banking?
    Internet banking is a means by which customers can manage their bank accounts and conduct certain banking transactions electronically over the Internet. It is available to customers with suitable Internet access.

    What are the services offered through Internet banking?
    Customers can enquire on their account balances, request statements, fund transfers, pay bills, apply and pay for shares online, and purchase unit trusts managed by UOB Asset Management. They can view the full range of the UOB Group's Internet services by visiting 

    What are the advantages of Internet banking?
    Internet banking is fast and convenient. Customers have 24-hour access to their accounts daily, barring any technical halt. Internet banking can be performed anywhere, anytime and from any compatible computer with a modem and access to the Internet. Customers are presented with a unified picture of their financial portfolios with access to their desired level of information detail.

  2. Risks of Internet Banking

    The main risks of Internet banking are the online theft of the customer's Username and Password, loss, abuse or unauthorized disclosure of information, including customer information, and the unauthorised removal of funds from the customer's account(s). To mitigate these risks, the UOB Group has implemented a number of security safeguards, such as session encryption and server authentication. The UOB Group uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect the transmission of information that customers submit to us when they use our secure online forms. All information provided through these forms is stored offline. However, users should be aware that notwithstanding the use of SSL, there can be no absolute certainty that technical failures or unauthorised hacking or interception can be prevented.

    Customers should be aware that any email sent to us is not necessarily secure against interception.

    At the UOB Group, we value your relationship. That is why we welcome this opportunity to share with you our privacy and security practices, and the steps that we have taken to protect your personal information and account details. You can read more about the UOB Group's Privacy & Security Practices.


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