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Is this Japan’s reawakening

Research Note | Is this Japan’s reawakening, or another false start?

Japan’s equity market has rallied to its highest level in three decades. Further upside is possible, especially for the lagging small cap sector, but the risk of short term volatility remains.
30 May 2023
4 mins read
How varied are your sources of income?

Fund Focus | How varied are your sources of income?

To ensure a steady income stream across different market conditions, it is worth considering investments that combine multiple asset types or multiple sectors, or both.
26 May 2023
4 mins read
UOBAM Invest Megatrends Portfolio Performance: Q1

UOBAM Invest Megatrends Portfolio Performance: Q1 2023

As of 31 March 2023, UOBAM Invest Megatrends portfolio returned 7.2% for the first quarter.
26 May 2023
4 mins read
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