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About United Global Innovation Fund (the “Fund”)

The United Global Innovation Fund (the “Fund”) aims to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in companies that are believed to be innovative and beneficiaries of innovation and trend.


What is innovation?


Innovation transcends beyond technology


Contrary to the common belief that innovation primarily occurs in the technology or healthcare sectors, it extends across various industries as companies pursue novel processes, technologies, products or business models to gain a competitive edge.

The Fund is strategically positioned to capitalise on sector-wide growth opportunities globally, with companies in its portfolio experiencing exponential growth since inception.

Source: Wellington Management, as of 29 February 2024. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Why Invest

Why invest in the United Global Innovation Fund?


1) Invest in disruptive innovators and beneficiaries of durable trends

The Fund invests in companies that are either disruptive innovators or beneficiaries of durable trends in our rapidly changing world. By seeking growth opportunities from structural changes across industries, it strives to capture performance from multiple tr ends in a single, diverse portfolio.

  • Screening: We narrow down the investment universe from 2000 – 3000 companies based on our philosophy and process. Only investments with a minimum average daily value (ADV) of US$20 million pass the initial screen.
  • Research flexibility & collaboration: Our fund managers have the flexibility to research and contribute ideas on innovative companies in collaboration with Wellington’s industry experts, who are also known as Global Industry Analysts.
  • Fundamental analysis: We subject 100 – 150 stocks to our fundamental framework and model.
  • Portfolio construction: The final portfolio comprises 35 – 65 stocks.


2) Strategic portfolio positioning

We seek companies that control their own future by driving growth through innovation or having exposure to key secular trends.


3) Managed by global experts1

The Fund is sub-managed by Wellington Management. Tracing its history to 1928, Wellington Management is one of the world’s largest independent investment management firms, serving as a trusted adviser to over 2,400 clients in more than 60 markets. The firm manages more than US$1 trillion for pensions, endowments and foundations, insurers, family offices, fund sponsors, global wealth managers, and other clients. As a private partnership whose only business is investment management, the firm is able to align its long-term views and interests with those of its clients.

The firm offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets, including equity, fixed income, multi-asset, sustainable investing, and alternative strategies. With more than 900 investment professionals located in offices around the world, Wellington pairs deep multi-disciplinary research resources with independent investment teams operating in an entrepreneurial “boutique” environment.

More Information

Fund Name United Global Innovation Fund
Investment Objective To achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies that are believed to be innovative and beneficiaries of innovation and trend.
Sub-Manager Wellington Management
Fund Classes Available2 Class A SGD Acc, Class A SGD Acc (Hedged), Class A USD Acc
Subscription Mode3 Class A SGD: Cash & SRS
Class A USD: Cash
Minimum Subscription3 S$1,000/US$1,000 (initial); S$500/US$500 (subsequent)
Subscription Fee3 Currently up to 5%; maximum 5%
Management Fee3 Currently 1.75% p.a., maximum 2.5% p.a.
Fund Classification for Retail Investors Units of the Fund are Excluded Investment Products (EIP).
Dealing Frequency & Deadline3 Generally every business day, on a forward pricing basis up till 3pm (Singapore time).

1Source: Wellington Management, as of 29 February 2024.
2Investors should refer to the Fund’s prospectus for more details on the different classes available. Please check with our distributors on the availability of the Fund classes.
3Please check with our distributors on the availability of the Fund classes.





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This document is for general information only. It does not constitute an offer or solicitation to deal in units in the Fund (“Units”) or investment advice or recommendation and was prepared without regard to the specific objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person who may receive it. The information is based on certain assumptions, information and conditions available as at the date of this document and may be subject to change at any time without notice. No representation or promise as to the performance of the Fund or the return on your investment is made. Past performance of the Fund or UOB Asset Management Ltd (“UOBAM”) or the Wellington Management group of companies and any past performance, prediction, projection or forecast of the economic trends or securities market are not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of the Fund or UOBAM or the Wellington Management group of companies. The value of Units and the income from them, if any, may fall as well as rise, and is likely to have high volatility due to the investment policies and/or portfolio management techniques employed by the Fund. Investments in Units involve risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested, and are not obligations of, deposits in, or guaranteed or insured by United Overseas Bank Limited (“UOB”), UOBAM, or any of their subsidiary, associate or affiliate (“UOB Group”) or distributors of the Fund. The Fund may use or invest in financial derivative instruments and you should be aware of the risks associated with investments in financial derivative instruments which are described in the Fund’s prospectus. The UOB Group may have interests in the Units and may also perform or seek to perform brokering and other investment or securities-related services for the Fund. Investors should read the Fund’s prospectus, which is available and may be obtained from UOBAM or any of its appointed agents or distributors, before investing. You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to invest in any Units, and in the event that you choose not to do so, you should consider carefully whether the Fund is suitable for you. Applications for Units must be made on the application forms accompanying the Fund’s prospectus.

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