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ASEAN's re-opening opportunities

Investment Perspective | Reopening opportunities in ASEAN

Most ASEAN markets have started to ease Covid restrictions. Jerdphan Nithyayon, Albert Budiman and Francis Eng, UOBAM’s investment leads for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia respectively, give their assessment of the opportunities that lie ahead.
20 May 2022
4 mins read
China's economic woes

Research Note | China's economic woes has dented the yuan's resilience

The yuan's surprising stability earlier this year has given way to weakness. With more monetary easing expected, the currency is likely to fall further before recovering over the longer term.
09 May 2022
4 mins read
Growth slowdown

Research Note | High inflation, slow growth: Where to invest?

Inflation and stagflation concerns are weighing down markets. However, select equity and alternative sectors may continue to outperform.
28 Apr 2022
4 mins read
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