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Given the gradual easing of global lockdowns – or the circuit breaker in Singapore – where coronavirus outbreaks have more or less been contained successfully to allow even the lifting of travel restrictions in some parts of the world, many of us are probably wondering what life in the ‘new normal’ will be like – as we head back to work, shop, dine and yes, even take out our passports to plan the next holiday itinerary or simply to meet up with friends and loved ones abroad.

For the Digest Literature this month, we take a peek at several new or upcoming trends in urban living, shopping, dining and travel as well as see how some businesses are being transformed in adapting to consumer behavior as well as the need to be more efficient and productive. We also take a look at what are the skills that will equip us better in the evolving workplace. Check out the following article and video clips to get glimpses of what the near future will be like.

Cities will endure, but urban design must adapt to coronavirus risks and fears (The Conversation)

‘No specific skill will get you ahead in the future’—but this ‘way of thinking’ will (CNBC)

How COVID-19 Forced Business Transformation (Forbes)

Is 'Disney plus Costco' the future of shopping post-COVID-19? (CGTN)

How Travel Will Change (Condé Nast Traveler)

And this YouTube video on the imaginative and even amusing ways that restaurants across the world are welcoming back diners while following social distancing guidelines.

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