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  • How the world would look post-pandemicHow the world would look post-pandemic
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While nations are still in the throes of battling the coronavirus pandemic and it is premature to say when things could return to normal, we at UOB Asset Management took a stab at assessing what the investment landscape might look like post COVID-19.

  • First up, we expect that the wheels of globalisation would spin in reverse with the world more divided into siloed economic blocs. The pandemic has exposed the dangers of tightly-linked global supply chains.
  • In a deglobalised world, we expect a manufacturing renaissance in the developed markets and more localised supply chains.
  • With developed markets enacting huge monetary and fiscal stimulus, we expect financial markets to remain vulnerable to frequent bouts of volatility swings as asset bubbles build up.
  • The divide between developed markets and their weaker peers will widen. Emerging markets will struggle to keep up with interest payments as healthcare costs pile up amid crumbling economies.
  • Corporate balance sheets will turn more conservative with returns metrics such as return on equity (ROE) likely to decline.
  • The days of taking on debt to pay dividends or buy back shares are behind us.
  • Sustainable investing with ESG as a focus will remain an enduring investment trend even as concerted action on climate change gets put on the back burner.
  • Pockets of investment opportunity exist. These include companies in technology, media and telecommunication, as well as e-commerce. Travel-related businesses and oil and gas industries will take a longer time to recover.

To find out more and how you can invest for the future, we invite you to read our investment paper and refer to UOBAM.com.sg/Covid-19insights for more of our perspectives.

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