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Currently UOBAM Invest does not support Transfer-in and Transfer-out.

Switching between UOBAM funds via UOBAM Invest is currently unavailable.

Digital Adviser

Upon receipt of the funds, the Digital Adviser will execute the orders against your latest authorised setup.

Fund Direct

Fund Direct will only process orders which have been paid and authorised. Unless stated otherwise, the cut-off timing for all Funds is 3pm on a Dealing Day. Orders submitted or authorised after the cut-off timing will be processed the next Dealing Day. Kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Client can check the status of their transactions online by:

Step 1: Select the sub-account which they would like to view the transactions (eg. Fund Direct (SGD), Fund Direct (USD) or Digital Adviser (SGD)

Step 2: Select Transactions on the menu

Step 3: Select Orders

All completed orders will have shown as Completed under the Status column.

The trade date will be the dealing date of your order.

Unit trusts and ETFs are subject to their respective fund holidays. Should your order fall on a fund holiday, the dealing date for your order will be the next business day.

The buy order will not be executed till the payment is received.

The value of investments fluctuates and UOBAM is not liable for any potential gains or loss that might arise from the delay in the payment receipt for your buy order.

UOBAM funds are priced based on "Forward Pricing" (except for United SGD Money Market Fund). This means that for all order places today, you will get the value of the fund as of the closing price the market today. Normally, the price will be announced in 2 business days from the transaction date of your buy or sell order.

The price shown during the order placement is only an indicative price for the funds and is not the final trade price for your orders. Once the order is successfully executed, the buy and sell price will be updated in your Transaction records (shown online). Trade confirmation will also be posted to in your account under documents detailing the order price on the T+1 day.

Please note that 7 days cancellation is not applicable to an investor who is not an individual. Therefore, you will not be able to cancel your trades once the trade has been successfully submitted and executed by UOBAM.

The Digital Adviser will rebalance your account quarterly and whenever you make a cash contribution or withdrawal.

Do note that there are circumstances that the contribution or withdrawal that you have input is too small and the Digital Adviser might not be able to place any transaction. As a result, cash contributions will go into the cash asset class and cash withdrawals will come from the cash asset class.

Using information that you had provided, which includes your risk profile, your contributions, your goals, your investment horizon and any constraints that you might have set, the Digital Adviser will prepare a Portfolio Planner for you. In your Portfolio Planner, you will be able to see an optimised portfolio and the success probability of your plan.

Do note that a 100% success probability does not equate to a guarantee of success and the plan might still result in losses which will impact the goals that you had set.

The Success Probability relies on you taking action according to the projection. For example, if you enter a spending goal for an amount X at time T, then the Success Probability relies on you taking that amount X at the planned time T.

The Success Probability (and all portfolio projections) are estimates based on UOBAM’s current expectations or assumptions of future events and performance of each asset class as analysed by UOBAM’s investment professionals.

Such expectations and assumptions are inherently subject to economic, business, regulatory and other risks and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and are beyond UOBAM’s control and could cause actual results to differ materially from a projection. A Success Probability of 100% means that every plausible simulation of future market performance considered by UOBAM leads to a positive balance remaining in the account after all spending goals. Please note that the Success Probability is statistically calculated and it is not a guarantee of the principal sum invested by you or any rate of return. The portfolio may lose money. UOBAM does not make any prediction, promise or guarantee of any kind. Market prices may go up and down and past performance is not an indicator of any future or likely performance or outcome.

UOBAM may (but is not obliged to) update the Success Probability and any portfolio projection from time to time if there is a change in UOBAM’s expectations or assumptions.

No. However, you can set constraints on the asset classes to limit your exposure, and the Portfolio Planner will help optimise to see if a portfolio, with your constraints applied, can be achieved.

The constraint feature available in the Digital Adviser is useful for clients who have certain investment criteria over and on top of their investment needs.

Take for example, a client who has a view that the US equities market might be bearish over the investment horizon that they are investing over, can set a lower upper limit constraint (default is 100%) to 0% on his exposure to US equities.

Similarly, a client who has a view that the US equities market might be bullish over the investment horizon that they are investing over, can set a higher lower limit constraint (default is 0%) to 100% on his exposure to US equities.

After the constraints are saved, your Portfolio Planner will plan to see if a portfolio, with your constraints applied can be achieved.

Please note that setting constraints may potentially result in a sub-optimal portfolio and a deviation from UOBAM’s recommendations.

Simply make a cash contribution to your Digital Adviser account and perform the cash transfer. Please ensure that your Digital Adviser sub-account number is indicated when you are performing the transfer.

The Digital Adviser sub-account is currently only available in SGD.

Once UOBAM Invest receives the cash, the Digital Adviser will help execute the necessary transactions to create the latest portfolio proposed by the Digital Adviser based on your settings.

There are two ways you can conduct a sale of your portfolio under Digital Adviser. You choose to either:

  • Withdraw all
    We will sell all quantity of investments held under your portfolio. Once all sales proceeds are received, we will process the transfer of the funds to your specified withdrawal account
  • Withdraw partial
    >= 95% of portfolio value or your remaining portfolio value is below S$100,000
    Digital Adviser will require you to withdraw all from your Digital Adviser account

    <95% of portfolio value and remaining portfolio value is above S$100,000
    We will calculate and sell sufficient quantity of investments held under your portfolio. Once all sales proceeds are received, we will process the transfer of the funds based on your withdrawal instructions.

No. Clients are not allowed to transfer their Digital Adviser portfolio out from UOBAM Invest. You may only make a withdrawal.

  • The platform charge (0.3% p.a.) is waived till 31 December 2021. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions governing the UOBAM Invest promotion and eligibility criteria.