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UOBAM Invest is currently available to corporate investors only.

No. However, the onboarding of your account is subject to UOBAM’s approval.

Assign a representative from your company to perform a minimum signup before proceeding to onboard through a 5-step process:

Step 1: Enter the basic information of your company.
During this step, a main contact person for your company should be appointed such that all future correspondences, which include official documents such as contract notes, monthly statements and tax certificates, will be sent to this person.

Step 2: Enter the details of users who will be using the platform on behalf of the company.
The username and password will be sent to the new users via email and 2-factor authentication sent via SMS.

Step 3: UOBAM Invest will generate a set of pre-filled forms for your company to download, complete and sign.
Amendments can be made before submission and a new set of pre-filled forms can be generated.

Step 4: Upload all the signed forms and supporting documents. Tag the document type to help us in the onboarding review.
Keep original copies of the documents as they are required to be mailed in upon pre-approval of your account opening.

Step 5: Acknowledge and submit the application.
Do note that once submitted, no further changes can be made.

Our onboarding team will proceed to review your application. Once the onboarding is pre-approved, we will reach out to you to send the originals via mail. Once the originals are sighted and verified, your onboarding will be completed.

All new users to the platform will receive their username and password setup instructions via email once the onboarding is approved by UOBAM.

As there are various company types, the documentation required may differ. We will provide a document checklist to assist in your onboarding. This checklist is available for download after you have completed the basic information on your company and the users who will be using the platform.


Yes. However, you will not be able to contribute cash to your Digital Adviser account till you have completed your onboarding.

No. However, you will be able to review the funds available through Fund Direct.

  • The platform charge (0.3% p.a.) is waived till 31 December 2021. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions governing the UOBAM Invest promotion and eligibility criteria.